How to use the latest 5400 receiver as an "old" 5400 IRCI making it +CAM ready?
Z-Board version 3, flashing to loader 2.08 with AND without a connector (tip)
Patch Manual for Z-Board III use (new)
Z-Board Pictures without using the (JP-250) connector
Original Molex connector for Humax 5400-Z
Latest Humax 5400-Z containing sealed JP-255 contacts
Nadelboard Pictures without using the JP connector
Z-Board version 1 Pictures
Files for making Z-Board
Frequently asked Questions (troubleshooting on Z-Board)
Order procedure (not ment for single use !)

The complete FREE documentation, files and technical lay-outs for the Z-Board;
For a while a new hardware model has been released by Humax. Called the 5400-Z. To make it work exactly like the old 5400 IRCI model you'll have to patch the receiver. It must contain the 2.08 loader to accept +CAM firmware by Planet Hemp. Until a few weeks ago only a few people were able to modify the receiver by using a special device.
To make sure almost anyone can patch the receiver himself and giving satellite-resellers a free choise of flashing it themselves or let somebody else do it for them the so called Humax-Team put all information for free on the internet. Some Satellite-resellers who are not able to construct the device themselves, nor letting it construct by someone can now order (at several locations) a plug-and-play version. The Humax-Team produced a few plu-and-play boards for those resellers.
After publishing the information for free an end has come to the monoply-position of those few people and the few selected satellite shops who could do and sell the job. Now a large group can do it independently themselves. Negative noise about the Z-Board and about the sites publishing these files for free has been heard; the source of these negative rumours is very easy to locate....
You can buy the Humax 5400 at many satellite shops, when you want to use the Planet Hemp's +CAM on your receiver it has to be patched. Your new receiver has to contain loader 2.08, ask your reseller if the receiver is allready patched or not ! For hobbyists it's nice to make the Z-Board themselves and share their knowledge with others, for resellers the Z-Board is a very useful tool to flash the receiver to loader 2.08 as an extra service to their clients !
So the Humax-Team advices to buy the receiver allready patched. Hobbyists can do it themselves and resellers will have a free choice.
With these *.zip files someone will be able to construct the Z-Board by himself, all you need is included, it will cost you about 15 U.S. dollars (!) on parts. After the Z-Board is constructed it will be very easy to use, flash the new Humax 5400-Z and load the normal +CAM patch after flashing if you want to. (File is included). Everything is published and ready for download, for FREE. The Engineering and design took only several days, we had almost no costs for parts and didn't loose one single Humax receiver ! Anticipation on coming hardware-changes (by the manufactor) has all ready been done. Release of information what to do when the hardware changes are made will be published (also for free !) at the time the modified receivers will enter the market. Thanks to all real professionals who completed this project and made this possible in just a few days ! Humax 5400-Z resellers will be able to sell the new 5400-Z modified and containing loader 2.08 !

Z-Board pictures without using the (JP-250) connector (Humaxteam) a hobbyist solution, a professional easy-to-use solution will be published soon.

The files to make the board yourself:

download Z-BOARD-FINAL.zip (1,3 Mb) The most common eeprom used in the Humax 5400-Z is the xxxxx160B3B, the split file for the eeproms 27c256 on the Z-Board are included in the ZIP file. The split files for the other two original eeproms  xxxxx160C3B and xxxxx160C3T will be added to the ZIP file soon.

download SPLITFILES.zip (55k) Split files for Z-Board eeproms type xxxxx160F3B, -C3B and -B3B

download BACKPATCH (47k) for 5400-Z be very careful with this file !
Backpatch zip file added. These files are only for those people who have fear to have lost their guaranties. After these two files the Humax looks like an un patched "Z" with a firmware problem and the factory can not see that the "Z" was patched...

download Z-no_board.zip and ... the technical layout (Arnold),
 instructions (Dutch) dated October 21st 2001

Z-No_board.zip file added, (dutch) info, pictures and technical layout.
Source: Arnold, Z-Board without using a printboard.


Pictures from Nadelboard (for use flashing/patch Humax 5400-Z without JP connector) :
Thanks to Loters Carsten and Xtrasat Germany for publication and pictures

and...new pictures from a nice hobbyist solution:Nadelboard,
again thanks to Loters Carsten / Xtrasat Germany !

and... again new pictures, the professional look ! also from Germany, Nadelboard, very nice !

Molex connector Maybe the best solution so far ? Just to put the original Molex connector back where it came from, the Humax 5400 main board ! In this way you will have the same connector onboard as the receivers delivered earlier by Humax !

Molex 0,50" pitch dual row straight receptacle 40 connector:
 part number Humax JP 255 Molex 52368-0401

Sealed Humax 5400-Z Free sticker for your new Humax 5400-Z ? Yes, indeed ! Humax pasted a sticker over the old JP 255 contacts on the Humax main board. "Warranty void when seal is broken". Will this prevent people stop patching the Humax ?

(source: Bernhard)
(thanks to Bernhard for the picture).
 Important is we will have to see if Humax is legally right with this "free sticker" move; In case of defects and a broken seal Humax will have to prove the defect was caused by breaking the seal.

Z-Board version 3 Z-Board version III out now ! The Humax Team crashed some brains again and developed a multi-functional solution for dealers. The latest Z-Board release (version 3) will make it possible to flash the receivers to loader 2.08, receivers WITH AND WITHOUT a JP-255 (Molex) connector can be flashed in just seconds. Dealers can flash any Humax 5400 hardware version released till now with this single device, Humax 5400 IRCI and Z. Beware ! Consumers who want their receiver containing Loader 2.08 can buy them already flashed at their dealer, hobbyists can do it themselves with all free information.
 Due to price this option will be only interesting for dealers.

The Humaxteam made worldwide shipping possible again, excluding shippingcosts they will charge 199,= Euro a piece, including 2 free eeproms for the most common hardware version (type C3B).

download Orderprocedure (not ment for single users, that will be too expensive) or construct the Z-Board yourself by using the files on this page. Within a few hours work a technician can do it. Also take a look at Arnolds contribution, he made a Z-Board without using a PCB ! or the Needleboard ?
Patch manual for Z-Board 3 use
(or Z-Board III compatible device !)
Start program WDN4OAK+ and load the file loader 2.08 , (do not click download yet !).

Remove the Humax top (cover) bij removing the screws on the backside of your receiver and lift the top. Take the Z-Board III and make sure all contacts fit and make 100% contact on the Humax main board. (press the Z-Board well on those contacts, and hold it this way).
Now press the small switch on the back of the Z-Board III and switch the Humax Receiver (at the back) ON while still pressing the switch of the Z-Board III and pressing it on the Humax Main board contacts !) You will see the Z-Board III booting loader 2.08 en giving an error message E-IC; you can now release (only) the switch on the Z-Board III, but keep the Z-Board pressed on the mainboard contacts ! leave it this way displaying the error message.
Now you will use WDN4OAK+, already prepared with the loader 2.08 file, press "download", a message appears "waiting for connection".
Now press the Z-Board III switch again, and keep it pressed ! and press the Stand By button on the Humax receiver, this will flashen the Humax, when it reaches 15% you can release the switch on the Z-Board but keep the board itself pressed on the mainboard contacts ! until the message "end" appears.
Now switch the Humax receiver to OFF bij using the switch on the back of the receiver. You can remove the Z-Board III from the mainboard contacts now. (Your receiver contains loder 2.08 now). To add the firmware and settings to the receiver (because your Humax contains only the loader software now), we do the following;
Switch the Humax to ON with the switch on the back of your receiver, a message loader 2.08 appears on the display followed by an error message E-AC (leave it this way !) Use WDN4OAK+ and load the file CAM+_Z.HDF and press "download" (it will wait for connection). Now press the "standby" button on the Humax, it will load the file, when finished it shows "end". Reset the tuner and you will see it contains loader 2.08, +CAM 3.2 and a settings list.
From here you can upgrade to any newer settings list and any newer +CAM release in a normal way.

Frequently Asked Questions Z-Board

First: the most common problem is

1. Use of wrong eeprom files C3B, B3B, F3B (check this first on the original INTEL FLASH in the Humax xxxxx160...) click on picture !

2. Bad connection between the on-board JP-250 and your Z-Board (it's very hard to make a good connection with a self-build Z-Board; you can use a vesa local bus i/o card or the orginal connector (look out for bad contact's and look for the 5Volt connection)

3. If you have an (error) "E-IC"; just restart your computer and restart WDN4OAK+, if it doesn't solve the error message you probably have a bad connection with the JP-250.

4. If you have an (error) "E-Ax"; the upload went wrong (that's no problem to correct); disconnect your receiver; pull out the Z-Board; restart your receiver and restart WDN4OAK+; open your file and go again (waiting for connection); then push stand-by button on your receiver to update, and everything will be o.k. YOUR RECEIVER CONTAINS LOADER 2.08


6. CHECK EVERY CONTACT between the Z-Board and the JP-250 connector in the receiver; a bad contact results in an "error"; if you're using a vesa local card connector; (light) tin the contacts and check every pin is connected to the right place.

7. These are the problems we experienced in the "testing-phase" of the Z-Board with a prototype. The first prototype was used to flash over 20 5400-Z receivers, without any major problems, only above mentioned minor errors stopped the process sometimes.

8. By using the original print, you'll have no problems at all, although it can happen (sometimes) a bad update occures. The reason for this (bad update) is we are updating ALL in one session (settings, bios and loader). We had to update (only a few times) a second time without using the rom board.

9. If you still have troubles with your self-made Board you can consider buying a Z-Board (plug-and-play) or wait for your dealer to have one, so he will do it for you.

10 USE ONLY 27C256 eeproms which are 120nS or faster ! Other eeproms MIGHT work, but we're not sure !

11. That's all, for now, we'll make a F.A.Q. list with more problems and solutions for you, so finally everyone can do it!

The Humaxteam