The Nokia 9902s features a 40 Gig hard disk drive which can store more than 15 hours of your favourite programmes in digital video and audio.

Other features include the time shift function, for example if the phone rings during an exciting program, just press the pause button and the Nokia 9902s will automatically record the program for you. When you return to start watching again, the recording will continue till the program is over. You can even press fast forward in the recording to recommence live viewing.

System Performance
TV Scart
Aux Scart
Fully DVB Compliant
RGB, CVBS, Audio
RGB, CVBS, Audio
Hi-fi Quality Audio Output
Digital Audio Out - (SPDIF)
Applications Protocol Interface (API)
Connector 2 x RCA/Phono (L/R)
Connector 1 x RCA/Phono
Open TV EN1
Conditional Access Interface
Personal Active Disc
Wave form QPSK Symbol Rate 2-45MS/s SCPC & MCPC capable
PCMCIA interface according to DVB, Common interface standard, embedded Viaccess
Hard Disk Drive 40 gigabytes
Video Decoder
Audio Decoder
Serial Data Interface
MPEG - 2 Main profile @ Main Level, Data speed - up tp 15 Mbits/s, Video Formats - 4:3, 16:9 - Letterbox, Pan & Scan
MPEG - 2 Layer I & II (Musicam Audio), Mono, Dual Channel, Stereo, Joint Stereo
Connector 9-Pin D Sub, Signals RS232, max 115.2 kbaud
LNB/Tuner & Input
RF Modulator
Application System Resources
Connector 1 x F-type, Input frequency 950 .. 2150 MHZ, Input level -25 to -65 dBm LNB supply 13/18v max 500ma, Band switch contol 22khz, Diseqc 1.0 & 1.2
Modulator frequency, 470 - 862 MHZ - ch 21 - 69, Output signal PAL B/G, PAL - I, Input connector IEC 169-2 female, Output connector IEC 169-2 male
Processor - 32 bit RISC, RAM memory 4 Mbyte, SD RAM 4 Mbyte (for video/graphics), Flash memory 4 Mbyte, Graphics display 720 x 576, Colours 256
Summary of Connectors
General Data
1 x LNB input (F type), RF Modulator (IEC - female/male), 2 x SCART (TV, VCR), 2 x Audio L/R (RCA/Phono), 1 x SPDIF digital audio, 1 x RS232 (9-pin D-sub), 1 x RF connector (IEC male/female), 1 x Common Interface
Colour - Silver, Operating temp - +5 deg c to +40 deg c, Supply voltage 95-265V 50-60HZ, Power consumption - max. 25w (standby 6,5w), Weight - 2.5kg, Dimensions (W x D x H) 380 x 240 x 62mm