PMC List How To

For those of you , using the latest TuxOn 2.0 S/W , one of the most requested subjects is the PMCT list and how to use it .

PMC table includes all the info about the service ID ,  scrambling system (CA-ID) , ECM Pid , and finally the Ident under which

the decryption method will proceed . The last one (ident) has got to do with what id's we manage in the card we use .

The following example is for you to understand the options we have in  using  different id's for the same channel (service id ) .

We will use from  ASTRA'S  MT* Network the  channel  with service id : 28644  (MT* HITS)

So tune to this channel and follow the steps below .

   1. Press EPG and by right arrow navigate to PMCT  option .

    2.  By pressing  ''up arrow'' scroll to last page of your PMCT list .

    3. Press  OK and you enter the PMCT list .

    4. Scroll down to last line by using ''down arrow'' and press ''down arrow'' button once more  so

to reveal a new line in the list  . This the line for the channel you have tune in , in our example.


You can now see that service 28644 has in the PMT box a total of  six ECM pid's  with corresponding

CA-ID / idents . The seca and viaccess id 's are the ones we have interest in . For the moment , we 'll

let the other two '' out of sight '' .

As you know 0100 CA-ID stands for seca, and 0500 for viaccess provider . So we have two seca idents

(0064 , 0019) and two viaccess idents (0078 , 0080) .

Now depending on you cards configuration you can select to edit the PMC list with one of the idents that

it is usefull for you .


So this is how we select a different ident :

   5. Press "right arrow" button  twice so to highlight the CA-ID in red . The same time you can

see that the PMT box is also highlighted too in red . That means that you can use "up / down

arrow" to scroll in desired  line of ident . In our example line 3 of PMT box is highlighted , meaning

that we use CA-ID 0500 , ECM 051D, and IDENT 0075 .

If you want you can use line 2 of this PMT  .

Meaning , CA-ID 0100 ,ECM 051F ,IDENT 0019 .

   6. Press OK and all last line  becomes red with changes you have made .

   7. Exit EPG module , retune to service and you'll see that letter S instead of V appears at the info

bar .

All changes you made using the remote control are valid until the moment you turn off your receiver .

In order to have permanent effect you should edit the PMC list using PMCEDIT TuXon20 and flash

it back to your hummy .



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